NejiLaw's “Lock-Tech Advanced Loc-King Technology” is poised to strengthen the nation

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held 56 years after the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Nearly 60 years have passed since infrastructure construction was actively carried out in Japan.
Building life is estimated to be 40 to 50 years and in recent years, decrepit infrastructure is increasing rapidly.
A wide range of social infrastructure, including steel towers, bridges, tunnels and highways, as well as dams, water supply and sewerage systems and railways require countermeasures for their improvement. The need for earthquake resistance, repairs, renovations, and reconstructions has increased dramatically. If they are left unrepaired as it is, the estimated damage amount from a severe earthquake in the near future is 1,410 trillion yen in case of Nankai Trough earthquake and 778 trillion yen in case of directly below Tokyo earthquake, according to the announcement made by The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).
The Japanese government formulated the National Resilience Policy and on December 14, 2018, the Cabinet approved the thoroughly renewed Basic Plan for National Resilience Project with a budget of more than 5.3 trillion yen in FY 2019 alone. The government is promoting an ultra-mega measure which is estimated to have a total capital of 200 trillion yen.
While maintenance costs are heavy, it is necessary to improve the safety of both the aging infrastructure and the new infrastructure, shorten the construction period, extend the life of the infrastructure, save labor, and reduce the lifespan cost. Whether it will be realized or not, the challenge is to build a continuous remote monitoring system for that purpose. Currently, new technologies are needed to make this a reality.

Unattended Remote Monitoring System "Smart Neji" with Smart Resilience

NejiLaw has a “non-loosening” fastener technology represented by its “L/R Neji (bolt and nuts)”. In constructions using bolts, there are often seams where stress/tension is likely to concentrate, and that is where L/R Neji (bolt and nuts) can be used. The "smartNeji" is a technology based on “non-loosening screw” which is a screw type stress/tension sensor as strength member. This device is for remotely monitoring the stress/tension state of the entire structure unattended.
smartNeji enables collective management of the fastening axial forces and states during fastening work, and makes it possible to monitor whether tightening has been overlooked and whether each smartNeji is in a normal fastening state. It also monitors the subsequent time state. Altogether, it is a technology that enables monitoring the soundness of each part and the whole incorporating structure.

*Screw fastening can be used for infrastructure projects such as bridges, high-standard roads, railways, water and sewage systems, office buildings, condominiums, houses, factories, plants, and warehouses. Moreover, it can be used for automobiles, transportation vehicles, construction machinery, railway vehicles, from aircraft to rockets. It is a basic technology that can support every industry.

* Neji (bolt and nuts) and stress (stress distribution) flowing in the structure.
In the structure it is inevitable to have joints.
The joints are like barriers where the stress flow changes.
The Neji (bolt and nuts) connect the front and back paths of stress points.
Therefore, since Neji (bolt and nuts) are the key part in determining stress, they can be used as a stress measuring device, and the stress flowing through the entire structure can be captured.
smartNeji is a tool that makes it possible to know the stress state of the entire structure and to visualize its soundness by measuring the Neji (bolt and nuts) stress.

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