Company Mission

Screws have been in existence for over 2,000 years , and are the most widespread industrial products in history. Screws used as fasteners depend greatly on frictional force, thus problems related to loosen screws are endless and causes many life-threatening accidents.
By providing screws that never loosen, NejiLaw will prevent accidents caused by screw fasteners, and will bring economic benefits such as shorter construction time and reduced maintenance costs. NejiLaw was founded to accomplish these two benefits simultaneously as our mission.

About us

Company Name:NejiLaw inc.
Established:July 2009
Capital:JPY 499,000,000
List of Directors:
President & CEO: Hiroshi Michiwaki
Director and Executive Officer: Ayumu Shindo
Director and Executive Officer: Satoshi Wada
Outside Director: Daisuke Kaihoku
Outside Director: Kenta Adachi
Chief Engineering Advisor: Dr. Taizo Omura
(Former Chief Technology Officer, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation)
Special Advisor: Izumi Imoto (Ph.D./Engineer (Construction Department)
(Former: Advisor of IHI Co., Ltd.; former: Niigata Transis Co., Ltd. Chairman)
Counselor: Ryo Abe, Counselor (Former representative of Shinjuku Office, Judicial scrivener corporation)
Auditor: Banri Iwakoshi
Business Activities:
High-functionality/high-performance industrial fastenings and their performance test equipment/
Test- room Development, manufacturing, sales, experiment and test service, licensing
Award History:
FY2009 /Received 3 awards including Most Attractive Award in Business Plan Contest
(Sponsored by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Enterprise Forum)
FY 2010 /Adopted as a new technology development foundation grant project
(Sponsored by Ichimura Foundation for New Technology)
FY2011/ Received 6 awards:
Received Kawasaki Entrepreneur Award/Grand Prize (=Kawasaki Mayor Award)
Received the Japan Entrepreneurs Association Award
Received the Risona Kanagawa Support Award
Received Sagamihara Industrial Creation Center Award (The 1st Award)
Received Yamato Corporate Investment Award
Received Venue Support Award (Sponsored by Kawasaki Institute of Industrial Promotion)
FY2011/Tokyo Venture Technology Award /Grand Prize (= Tokyo Governor Award)
(Sponsored by Bureau of Industry and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
FY2011/ Good Design Award/Gold Award (= Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)
(Sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion)
FY2011 Received Kyu-To-Ken-Shi Kirarito-Hikaru Industrial Technology Award
Adopted in FY2012/ Strategic Basic Technology upgrade support project
(Sponsored by Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
Adopted as a FY2013 Global Niche Top Grant Project
(Sponsored by Bureau of Industry and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
FY2015/ 14th Japan Innovator Grand Prize Excellence Award
(Sponsored by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.)
FY2018/ 7th Technology Management & Innovation Awards, Chairman Award
(Sponsored by Japan Techno-Economics Society)

Tokyo Headquarters:Shoei Building 4F, 3-23-14 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Group: Next Innovation inc.